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Mirage Records

by AingeruMirage » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:07 am

Hi guys,

In an effort to show ourself close to top and upcoming producers we have decided to open an account and a thread in which you could ask all you want and we will try answering the most of the questions, we can't reveal all our secrets ;)

For those who don't know who we are, Mirage Records started its own adventure a year ago with the compromise of delivery the best electronic sounds from talented artists from all around the world. QUALITY > QUANTITY and FREE DOWNLOAD are the most important part of our mentality.

Since then and after a hard work, we have received the likes and support by Third Party, Michael Brun, Abel Ramos, MEG & Nerak, Promise Land, Merk & Kremont, Dannic and David Guetta only to name a few.

We feel also the discoverers and the trampoline of some artists which now are near to the top like Andero, Rovack or Party Killers, which have released in another big labels like Sosumi, Vntgrd or Flamingo lately.

A short resume of our catalogue:

Andero & Nectum - Coma

Cavin Viviano - Most Wanted

Vhana & SRGN - Vanguards

Justin Levai & Shaun - Rock The House

Although we seem serious in our social network, we'll try being as funny in this forum as we are with the artists who know us personally (We have fluid contact with at least 3 forum's members and producers and they could confirm it).

We'll be updating our thread with the label's news.

To finish, as an advantage and premium feature for The Lab's forumers, all the demos sent with the hashtag #TheLab will be answered with our sensations.

What do you think about this initiative? Are you agree?

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