Solid Bass Drop

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Solid Bass Drop

by Legiricus » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:31 am

Hello there guys, how are you?

I am studying an important aspect to can put it in my tracks, it is, nothing more and nothing less, that the making off about a solid bass drop, typical in some groove/electro/rave tracks that I'm sure everyone know.

I mean guys the steps to follow to make and create this kind of bass drop and make them solid, consistent, energetic.

I know that the most used plugins can be WOW filter by sugar filter, any distortion pluggins as Izotope trash 2, camelphat, effector, bitcrusher, camelcrusher, etc; and first at all, u have to make a easy bass and then put it in a channel master and working with this kind of plugins, but I dont know exactly what might be the next steps.

So guys, my question is:

Anyone here could share some of his tips and tricks u guys use to to this kind of great bass drop?

It would be so helpful for me and I'm sure for a lot of producers here in THE LAB :)

Thanks for ur time and for read this post

Best Wishes


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Re: Solid Bass Drop

by dari1495 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:58 pm

Hi legi :d

The most important thing about sub bass (immplying that you mean sub bass) is the kick-sub game, the sidechaining.

I used to do the sidechain with volumeshaper or kickstart, but I couldn't be more wrong. The key to get a good sub bass sidechain is doing it by compression (or with FL limiter in FL studio), this way you make sure both sounds don't interfere with each other, causing distortion and fucking your groove up. You can also make this work with volumeshaper(not with kickstart that I know) but it's way less precise.

Now talking about sounds, sub bass is always pretty simple, if you want power and groove like you said, you look for a triangle or saw synth with very little attack, you can get this easily with subboombass. Lately I'm using Spire a lot for this too. Anyways, you can find a good sub bass in almost any preset library about there, some just need some tuning to eliminate noises. It's a different story if you want a housey sub bass, more groovey and less powerful, those are more rounded and I don't really know 'em well.

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