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VSTi Topic!

by Creepykid » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:56 am

I want to make this threat to keep us updated with the latest vsti's and favorite vsti that everyone has, and here you can ask anything about each vsti you have in mind or what type of vsti you would like to get(maybe doing something you have in mind, but you can't find it). But I want to make just one rule and that rule is:

1.Tell your favorite vsti but in the same time tell us why!

So, my favorite vsti lately is the HIVE. It's a new vsti from the same company that made the famous z3bra, that I found through a site, equipboard, or something like that. It feels alot like sylenth + nexus, and it has really good atmospheric sounds, and really awesome heavy basslines(really awesome ones for layering) that can help you if you want to make really hard electro. Tomorrow I'm going to buy the full version (i'm on trial right now).

And I have one question for someone who has Trillian. How does it feel? I heard he has amazing subs there, but I'm curios what else is good for! Thanks, and I wish you all a wonderful time producing!

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Re: VSTi Topic!

by vizzap » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:30 am

The only non-freeware VSTi that I own is reFX Nexus, so naturally it has become my go-to synthesizer. The sounds are very versatile, ranging from pan flutes and pianos to great sounding leads. It's a ROMpler, so you can do very little tweaking, but the presets are really great.

I plan on investing in Sylenth1 soon too. I have the demo-version, which I use more or less in pretty much every project of mine, but it will make things a lot easier once I get rid of that annoying "thank you for trying this demo"-voice that pops of every few seconds. :P

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