How To Stem Master Your Own Track

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How To Stem Master Your Own Track

by TomFrampton » Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:29 pm

In this extended article, I give you my opinion on the best practices for stem mastering your own music. I explain how I stem master music and the order in which I do things to get the best result in an efficient way. I cover the following topics...

Introduction to Stem Mastering
The ‘Technically’ Excellent Final Mix
Creating Stems For Mastering
Preparing The Mastering Session
Awesome Mastering Chain
Mastering Techniques
Limitations Of Home Studio Mastering


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Re: How To Stem Master Your Own Track

by nikbala » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:01 am

Thank you very much for your article! I found it really useful.
Also i found few useful thing in this article about stem mixing as well. Maybe it will help somebody else.

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